Series Collection

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This is a collection of all the blog series I have completed. Find blog posts about technology events, challenges, and projects.

1. CS50 Final Project - Spying Eye

A blog series about CS50's final project. The project was about detecting animals and people using the camera of a mobile device or a computer. The program stores each detection on a sqlite database with the time and date of detection. The database can be read and cleaned up by the user.

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2. 100 Days of Code


This blog series was about the 100 days of coding challenge. The challenge was completed on May of 2024. I completed 1 project, progresses with 2 more and learned a lot of great things. I got accustomed to libraries like wxWidgets, SDL, cpplocate, Lexbor, and others. I learned about proper memory managed and multithreading on C and C++. I got better with software design, general codebase cleanless, and refactoring.

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