Day 61/100 100 Days of Code


I managed to make the game run on Windows at long last. Figuring it all out was confusing, but now I can work on Windows with C++ and Visual Studio. It is unfortunate that I have been unable to build the project with CMake and MinGW. I should give it a try again in the future because Scoop has some issues installing VCPKG at the moment.

Interestingly, the Windows version looks much nicer than the MacOS version. This is unexpected.

I learned how to pull files from other branches. Specifically, this technique pulls the game.cpp file from the macOS branch.

git checkout remotes/origin/macos -- src/game.cpp

Lastly, I found out that I didn't import the libraries correctly in Visual Studio and that I need to use the right runtime to build the program.

It's time to focus on developing the game instead of getting sidetracked by various settings and options.