CS50x My Final Project - Introduction

Spying Eye

I was looking forward to the final project very eagerly. As soon as I finished week 9, I was unsure what to create. The seminars section helped me end up with an idea that is very interesting to me. Machine Learning!

I was already interested in machine learning before starting CS50x. But it always looked like it was something for very advanced programmers. So, I had to take my chance.

For my final project, I will build a web app with machine learning algorithms to detect and recognize objects in images. This app can be used as the foundation for other machine-learning apps in the future.


After doing a small research and watching CS50's machine learning seminar, I should create a web app with Flask, a website to output the data and implement ML algorithms with Pytorch. Pytorch contains a Yolo module which is used for object identification. Since I am looking to classify the objects, supervised learning is the way to go.

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • Python with Flask

  • Python with Pytorch

I need to find out how to let the user upload an image and send that image to the server for analysis.
I should find a place to host the app. AWS might be a good idea since it supports Flask and is generally free—alternatives to AWS: Microsoft Azure, Netlify, Google, Github Pages, and Heroku

Google has foundational courses on machine learning which can be very useful.

That's it for now!

I am looking forward to start working on it. I am very excited about the project! I will keep blogging my findings for future reference and to help other developers.